compilation films

Posted on February 2, 2012


Films made entirely of found footage (this is the source of the genre’s new, popular name – found footage).

At the beginning they were part of the documentary genre (1927 – The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty by Esif Schub, 1964 – Point of Order by Emile de Antonio) and still are popular among documentarians (e.g. 2011 – Violated Letters by Maciej Drygas, 2009 – The Darkness of Day by Jay Rosenblatt).

It is now also used by audiovisual artists who create new essay and fiction movies using this film technique. An example of highly movie-like works of found-footage art are the films by Bogna Burska (e.g. Shooting Star compiled from films starring Al Pacino).

In some circles, compilation film are also called editing films as they are often created without a previous script or any pre-production – therefore the editor is often the only creative participant of the project apart from the director.